Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bacon Fried Rice

Whoa back! This recipe makes a ton so be ready to feed a crowd. (Or cut it in half and just feed your family.) I like to serve it along with eggs rolls for a complete meal.
Start with 4 cups cooked rice. (That's 2 cups uncooked rice.) I usually cook the rice at lunch time because the rice needs time to cool or else it will be all gummy and won't fry up very well.
Then fry up about 1 lb of bacon, be sure to reserve the drippings! Once your bacon is cooked crumble it up and put it in a large serving bowl. If you don't have bacon, chopped ham works well too, just use vegetable oil for frying.
Heat up a wok or a large, rimmed griddle to medium high heat. Using a little of the reserved bacon fat fry up 1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms and 6-8 sliced green onions. You can also use a can of mushrooms if you don't have fresh. Cook until mushrooms are tender. Set aside with bacon. Add 10 oz. pkg frozen peas and cook until tender and heated through. Add to mushrooms and onions. Next scramble 6 eggs until eggs are set. Remove to serving bowl.
Now comes the fun part. Using more of the reserved bacon drippings fry the rice. Stir it around until rice starts to separate and is heated through. Add soy sauce to taste. Add all the vegetables. Cook and stir until heated through. Serve hot.
For some reason I didn't get a picture of the finished product, but I think you know what fried rice looks like. Delicious!
Here's the recap:
Bacon Fried Rice
2 cups rice, uncooked
1 lb bacon, cooked and crumbled, reserve fat
6-8 green onions, sliced
1 C sliced mushrooms (or 1 can)
1-10 oz. package frozen peas
6 eggs, beaten
soy sauce
Cook rice according to package directions; Cool and set aside.
Using reserved bacon drippings fry onions, mushrooms and peas over medium-high heat. Set aside in a large serving bowl. Scramble eggs in reserved drippings. Add to veggies. Fry the rice in reserved drippings adding soy sauce to taste. Add cooked vegetables and heat through. Serve hot.


Goldie said...

You didn't get a picture because it was SO GOOD that it got eaten too fast!!!

Bob said...

You had me at bacon. :)

Gammie said...

This recipe is straight from Hong Kong. A cousin who spent two years living there, brought her favorite recipes home with her and this is our favorite. It is YUMMY and a "crowd-pleaser". Enjoy!

Frugalhomekeeping said...

This is a real twist on stir fried rice; I have to try it. It looks great with bacon in it!

Drew Kime said...

Suggestion: If you're going to be crumbling the bacon, it's easier if you chop it up before frying. (Especially easy if you just pulled it out of the freezer.) That way you're not trying to handle hot bacon, and you don't end up with bacon bits flying all over the counter.