Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm a Finalist! I'm a Finalist!

Excitement! Joy! Wonder! Awe! Aww....

I entered a recipe contest the other day over at Noble Pig. Cathy is looking for the best Super Bowl recipe. Aside from the prize being a $250 Sam's Club gift card, I was urged to enter because of my pride in creating my own recipe.

I hurriedly sent off my Corn Chowder recipe and then immediately regretted it. I've been reading numerous food and recipe blogs the last few days and have felt greatly inferior to all the great cooks sharing their talents on the net, although I've also felt completely inspired. (I've drooled a lot, too.) Anyhow, today I saw Noble Pig's latest post title, "The Finalists!" on my side bar. I clicked on the link to see what type of recipes had been selected. You can't even imagine my surprise when I saw my very own recipe there in the list of finalists! (Especially when I read that she had received over 1000 entries!) Luckily she decided to go for the recipes that used easy-to-find ingredients and sounded simple to prepare, two things I strive for in all my cooking.

Right now, I don't even care if I win. I can't tell you how far this goes in validation for me! Also, I hope she posts all the finalist recipes, because altogether sound like an awesome party menu!


Audrey said...

Whaa whooo! That's spectabulous! (I just made that up!) hee hee Good luck. The sam's club gift card would be awesome!

Oh the things we "adults" get excited about.

janelle said...

COOOOOOLLLLL. Brilliant. So glad you entered your chowder! It is about good more than about complicated;).

p.s. love the cookie photo on the title bar; I plan on making those soon!

Kelly Martin said...

GWEN!!!! I am so excited for you! We all have always known that you were/are a great cook, but it's always nice to have it validated by a professional... and a prize! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap Kid! And you never even said a word! When did you find out? Good for you little missie! Now I don't feel so bad about the fact that as your mother--you're teaching me how to cook. If I have a cooking question I just call Gwennie Girl. You continue to AMAZE me. You've got so much talent wrapped up in those "itchy" little hands of yours that it's AMAZING!

Proud of you!

K said...

Hooray! Do we get to vote for you, or is she selecting winners?

Will you do something fun with your winnings, or buy ingredients? ;)

K said...

And if you're ever lacking in validation, just think about all the times Josh and I have dropped in conveniently just before dinner.